Only in 8 days, Master the Art of Tarot Card Reading Indepth with Dr Racchna Paremar

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Learn TAROT Indepth

  • Understand the meaning of the card quickly without memorization
  • Find the relevant story of all the cards
  • Know the method of understanding the meaning of each tarot card
  • Learn the secrets for easy & accurate interpretations of cards
  • Learn to Integrate it with Astrology, Numerology, Vastu, Healing, Chakras, Crystal Remedies and other sciences


  • Study Material
  • Lifetime Access
  • Live Practical sessions
  • Special LIVE Q&A session
  • Quick Sheets & Reference Sheets
  • Special Practical Sessions & Activities
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LIVE 8 Day Classes

8 Pre-recorded Sections

Live Practice Session

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Basic of Tarot Reading

  • Introduction of Tarot
  • Meaning of Tarot
  • Advantage of
  • Tarot reading
  • Tarot deck
  • History of Tarot
  • Psychology of Tarot
  • How the Tarot card works.

Preliminaries of Tarot Card Reading

  • How to prepare yourself
  • Vastu of tarot reading
  • Shuffling of cards
  • Cutting of cards

Meaning of 78 Tarot Cards

  • The 22 cards of major arcana
    The 56 cards of minor arcana (Pentacles, Cups,
    Wands. Swords)
  • Aces
  • Middle
  • Tens Court card
  • Pages
  • Knights
  • Queens
  • Kings
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Racchna Paremar

Overall Coverage in this Courses

Exclusive training covering everything about tarot in detail so that you learn the secret of tarot reading quickly saving you years of wandering around to get the right knowledge and after this I will cover

Understanding of 78 cards which will include the image of each cards its symbol and the story about that card so that its easy for your to understand their meaning…but how to chose tarot deck?

​​Major arcana cards which are a total of 22 cards from the total 78 cards which actually represents life lessons & karmic influences. We will cover these cards with great insight so that its easy to learn about these cards quickly and after that we will cover

Minor arcana cards which are a total of 56 cards from the total of 78 cards which represents trial & tribulations in one’s life and then comes

Court Cards which are actually one of the complex cards because one can interpret them as situations, personalities & as people but in order to avoid confusion I have covered techniques so that you know how to interpret them accurately

Psychic protection is really important because when you do a reading for the other person and if he/she has a lot of negativity than you might draw that in your life so in order to avoid such situations I have covered my best methods to always be protected

Clean & Clear your deck it is an important activity to do so that you ward off negative energies from your cards

Practical activities to make you not forget what you learn

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