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Transform your life by successfully working with numbers your date of birth has the secret success formula hidden in it with psychologist Racchna, numerology coach.

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  • Special Practical Activities
  • Live Practical Sessions
  • Doubt clarifying session on zoom
  • Live Practice session
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Content What We Reveal In Our Course

All things included which help you to start your own Profession

Concepts of Numerology

  • Introduction to Numerology
  • Numbers & Ruling Planets
  • Number Characteristics 1️⃣ to 9️⃣
  • Number Strength and Weakness

Know Oneself through

  • NUMBERS Psychic Number / Driver Number
  • Life Path Number / Conductor
  • Day of Birth – Qualities of specific days
  • Karmic Numbers 10, 13,14,16,19

Compatibility through NUMBERS

  • Life Path /Destiny Number Compatibility Chart ✨

Numbers and Profession

Professions related to various Numbers & How to choose
profession as per number⚖

Future Prediction through Numbers

  • Life trend through Pinnacle Year
  • Prediction through Personal Year / Epicycle

Remedies for NUMBERS

  • Numbers and Directions
  • Numbers and Elements ⚡
  • Numbers and their Stones
  • Numbers and Colors
  • Practice examples and Queries❓

Short video of live class

Transform your life by successfully working with numbers. Your date of birth has the secret success formula hidden in it, with Psychologist Racchna Paremar, numerology coach.

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Racchna Paremar

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