About Dr. Racchna Singh Paremar

Dr. Racchna Singh Paremar

“Everything that is within your reach and beyond has science behind it. You can unfold your life beautifully with the amalgamation of science and belief”- Dr.RacchnaParemar

Dr.Racchna Singh Paremar is Doctor of Alternate Medicine, Psychologist, Subsconcious Mind Trainer, and OCCULT Consultant. Her curiosity and desire to know the science behind these subjects paved her way to learning things. She firmly believes that every discussion is a “set of data” and if the outcome does not contain logic, it’s not worth your time. She says that there’s a very thin line between faith and blind faith, and the latter comes into play quite often in people’s lives.

Many individuals come across innumerable people sitting by the roadside with the intention of making others “Richie Rich.” Some avoid their blabbering, while others just sit with them in order to become “rich” or solve their different crises. With a scientific approach, we help individuals cut the chase and find the solution to their problems. Trust in supreme power and science can help one to find the way to true joy.

Dr. Racchna Singh Paremar’s Experience & Expertise in Brief 

We are pleased to share that Dr.Paremar has significantly contributed towards the management and brand building of prominent media organisations such as the Indian Express, Times of India, and Doshion Ltd. But becoming a mother was a turning point in her life. She believes every child is precious and unique, and a deep understanding is imperative to nurture him or her. Hence, she decided to enter the field of child psychology to learn, understand, and help children better manage their behaviour and emotions in a scientific way. She has been passionately working in this field and offering guidance for 10+ years now. In addition, she offers tailored career advice to students and professionals through workshops, counselling, and psychometric tests, helping them to objectify the measures that are supposed to be non-measurable, eventually letting them make successful career choices.

Gradually, she realised that her eagerness and curiosity kept on pushing her to find the bigger meaning and purpose of life, and so she ventured into occult science, which includes Astrology, Numerology, Vastu, and Tarot. Subconscious Mind Training and the COSMIC Healing Fraternity later became a pivotal part of her studies. 

Every area in which Dr.Parmer has been working is correlated to each other in terms of logical reasoning. She stated that, although everything can’t be moulded into a formula, most of the things out there are backed by logic, and there is no harm in finding the same by solving them with science. 

With her constant learning and experience, she realised the power of energy and science. And we firmly believe that energy does, in fact, work, and science tries to help us in every way possible. Many individuals who are stuck in the middle of life’s journey can achieve a balanced and happy life with the help of occult science. It’s not a technique but an inherent part of our life’s journey. It makes you wiser and more compassionate if you fix its basic principles firmly in your mind.

We often see individuals avoid meeting up with their true state of mind, which certainly never proves to be a viable solution. It’s our advice that one has to work on their weaknesses and low moments to solve the puzzle. The relentless game of hide and seek does no good. In fact, it will make the wound much worse and won’t help you in any way, but rather widen the gap between you and your goal. 

Under cosmic healing, Dr.Paremar helps individuals dealing with stress and anxiety manage their mental health. I provide subconscious mind programming, chakra balancing, hypnotherapy, pranic healing, aura energizing, mantra healing, crystal healing, Pyra healing, cosmic surgery, and emotional freedom under subconscious mind/cosmic treatments, letting individuals live a balanced life in complete harmony at all times, and turn their dreams, visions, and goals into a beautiful reality.

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At RP Consulting and Education, we encourage individuals to make informed decisions, live a balanced life, achieve success, work on their strengths, and weaknesses.

We work in following segments under the umbrella of RP Consulting and Education 

  • Counselling Psychology , Mind and Energy Therapy
  • Image Consulting and Personality Development
  • Child Development and Education Planning
  • Fortune Reading & Courses – Vastu Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Healing

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