child development and education planning

Our objective is to nurture and guide parents and children for their education, career, psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being, fostering developmental growth and bringing happiness to their lives.

Modern-Age Career Guidance

Time is everything for everyone, including children! There is an appointed time for everything. Thus, one needs to match the pace of the ticking clock in order to achieve the best outcome

Nurture a ‘Beautiful & Unique Mind’ from the beginning to contribute to society and mankind.”

Invest in your child’s future with our Modern-Age Career Guidance. We provide career and skill assessments for all ages, guiding children from an early age for a brighter future. Discover your child’s interests, academic strengths, and areas for improvement through skill assessments, ensuring their overall growth and success.

“We offer workshops, counseling, and psychometric tests for children from second grade to professionals, assessing AQ, EQ, and IQ. Personalized career plans are crafted to guide each child toward success. For college students facing career confusion, our customized assessments provide scientific insights for a well-defined career choice. Our unique psychometric tests cater to individuals’ needs, assisting in career advancement. Students and professionals receive answers to crucial career questions based on scientific tools, helping them explore strengths and find the most suitable path.”

Parenting Counseling

“Designed for parents aspiring for their children’s excellence in all aspects of life, our program equips you to create a stress-free environment. Explore psychology theories shaping a child’s personality, empowering you to foster a well-rounded upbringing.”


“As individuals transition from childhood to adolescence, the anticipation of adult life often brings great hopes for personal development and freedom. However, new trials and tribulations emerge. To support these transitions, we offer non-clinical psychological counseling addressing issues such as depression, relationship challenges, fear, phobias, behavioral concerns, stress, anxiety, and anger management. Additionally, we assist individuals in goal setting and maintaining focus.”

Career and Skills Assessment Services

Career Assessment for 8-10th Grader

Let’s make our Teenager succeed in LIFE!!!!
Is your grown-up in 8
th, 9th, 10th Grade?
Select a STREAM scientifically, that best suits Personality and Career Interest of your Teenager.

Career Assessment for 11-12th Grader

Make your Teenager Succeed in his career!!!! 
Is your grown-up in 11
th, 12th Grade? 
Select a DEGREE SPECIALISATION scientifically, that best suits Personality and Career Interest of your Teenager.

Career Assessment for GRADUATES

Get a CAREER Success Road MAP!!!!!!!
Completed your GRADUATION? Know how you can get best out of your EDUCATION.

Get your Career Advancement Planning done scientifically, that best suits your Personality and Career Interest.

Career Assessment for PROFESSIONAL

STUCK with what next in Career!!!!!!!
Plan you Career Enhancement scientifically, that best suits your Personality and Career Interest.

Skills&Abilities Assessment 2-4th grader

Ensure PROPER Skills & Ability DEVELOPMENT of your child!!!!!!!
Is your Child in 2th, 3th or 4th grade?

Earlier you begin developing, better be the results.

Skills&Abilities Assessment 5-7 th grader

Ever dreamed of your CHILD excelling in life !!!!
Ensure Proper Learning Techniques and development of Skills & Ability of your child!!!!!!!

Earlier you begin developing, better be the results

EQ/EI Assessment

DIFFERENCE between SUCCESSFUL and a NOT SO SUCCESSFUL PROFESSIONAL is the EQ, Yes the Emotional Quotient!!!!!!!
Get yourself assessed for your EQ and make the difference.

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