Book a VASTU Solution – Analysis n Visit



Residential upto 1500 sqft – Rs 11000, Above 1500 sqft – Rs 10 per Sqft

Within Indore – Client has to provide travel

Outside Indore – Travel + Stay


Yatpinde tat brahmande’. The space in which an individual lives has a big impact on ones energy levels and that can also be balanced vice a versa by consciously balancing the space around us. Homes, Office, Workplace are the major places where an individual keeps shuffling most of his life. Energy balancing of this place can have remarkable improvement in balancing energy of their dweller. Vastu is an ancient science it deal with Directions and their energy. It can help vastly to balance the space around oneself.

We provide vastu consultations, remedial activations and design for all kinds of

  • Residential Homes
  • Commercial Project

Pls Note – This amount is for the First Initial consulting, you need to provide your Layout. Seperate Charges for providing Solutions and remedies.


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