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Money & Career Online Zoom Workshop With Vastu Expert Dr. Racchna Paremar

Course Overview:

Day 1: Foundations of Vastu Science

  • Introduction to Vastu Principles and History
  • Understanding Vastu as a Science
  • Exploring the Historical Context of Vastu
  • Elements and Energies in Vastu
  • Studying the Influence of Planets and Directions
  • Identifying Devtas and their Significance in Vastu

Day 2: Cultivating Financial Success with Vastu

  • Cultivating a Positive Wealth Mindset
  • Understanding the Psychology of Wealth and Abundance
  • Applying Vastu Principles to Foster Financial Success
  • Identifying and Overcoming Money Blockages
  • Analyzing Vastu Defects in Homes and Workspaces
  • Implementing Remedial Measures for Financial Stability

Day 3: Harnessing Directional Energies

  • Understanding Directional Energy in Vastu
  • Examining the Relationship between Elements and Directions
  • Harnessing Directional Energies for Financial Growth
  • Vastu Tips for Career Stability
  • Implementing Vastu Techniques for Career Progression
  • Enhancing Workplace Harmony for Career Success




Day 4: Energizing Spaces for Career Growth

  • Utilizing Vastu Pyramid Adjustments
  • Balancing Space with IMV Ashta Chakra Zones
  • Energizing Workspaces for Enhanced Productivity
  • Specialized Vastu Remedies for Career Advancement
  • Implementing Remedial Measures for Job Promotions
  • Ensuring Smooth Career Transitions with Vastu Techniques

Day 5: Advanced Techniques for Prosperity

  • Maximizing Financial Success with Advanced Vastu Techniques
  • Delving into Energy Vastu and Force Systems
  • Applying Advanced Remedies for Wealth Accumulation
  • Enhancing Energy Flow for Financial Growth
  • Exploring Additional Remedies to Attract Wealth
  • Optimizing Energy Flow for Sustainable Prosperity

Course Highlights:

  • Interactive Sessions Conducted via Zoom
  • English and Hindi PDF Notes Available
  • Certificate of Completion Provided
  • Lifelong Query Support and Access to Course Materials and Recordings




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