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Basic of Tarot Reading

Introduction of Tarot

Meaning of Tarot

Advantage of Tarot reading

Tarot deck

History of Tarot

Psychology of Tarot

How the Tarot card works

Preliminaries of Tarot Card Reading

How to prepare yourself

Vastu of tarot reading

Shuffling of cards

Cutting of cards

Meaning of 78 Tarot Cards

The 22 cards of major arcana

The 56 cards of minor arcana (Pentacles, Cups,

Wands. Swords) • Aces • Middle • Tens

Court card • Pages • Knights • Queens • Ki

Meaning of 78 Tarot Cards

All 78 Cards with perspective to


Techniques of Tarot Card Reading

• One card spread
• Two card spread
• Three card spread
• Four card spread
• Five card spread

Timing of Events in Tarot Reading

• Use numbers in timing of event
• Use of Element in timing of event
• Major Arcana and timing of event

The Tarot and The Numerology

• Applied numerology in tarot reading
• Practical meaning of number 1 to 9
• Numbers and the tarot card of major arcana
•Numerology and timing of event

The Tarot and The Astrology

• Astrological association of major arcana cards
• Major arcana cards relation with 10 planets
• Astrology and timing of event

The Tarot and The Meditation

• What is meditation
• Using tarot cards for meditation on a specific life purpose
• Meditation step by step

The Tarot and The Crystal Magic

• Gems of major arcana cards
• Types of Crystals
• Crystal empowerment – Cleaning, Charging, programing
• How Crystals work wonderfully
•Crystal Remedies

The Tarot and Colours

• Colours and Impact
• Colours for Various Remedies

Features –

  • Live Classes
  • Course Material
  • Spl Q&A session
  • Practical Session
  • Career Guidance
  • Master Mentorship
  • Installment Available
  • Recording & Certification
  • Participation in LIVE Mela


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